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Kings Winter
Musiker - Heavy Metal

Modern Heavy Metal with a melodic edge reminiscent of Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal bands and a lead-singer with a distinct rockvoice, this might be the best description for the sound that KINGS WINTER have created for their new album -Edge Of Existence-. Founded in 2018 by married couple Jule and Tobias Dahs and named after their German hometown -Königswinter-, the duo quickly released their debut EP -Froging The Cataclysm- in 2019. Fueled by the great feedback of critics and fans alike for the record and with all other activities on hold due to the ongoing pandemic, the couple used 2020 to begin work on their first full length release, which was once again recorded and mixed by guitarist Tobias in his homestudio and will see the light of day in May 2021. Before forming KINGS WINTER Jule began here musical career yet with her maiden name Zinnow as a part of Melodic Metal outfit SKADIKA in 2005, before the five-piece broke up 9 years later at the end of 2014. Following a three year break she then joined her husband Tobias Dahs and his band LIVING ABYSS, who have recently celebrated a well received comback with their third album -Of Origins Unearthed- and her as a second vocalist. Tobias on the other hand has been a part of LIVING ABYSS ever since the band´s start in early 2007 (when the band was still known as LEVIATHAN) and has been continuously building his homestudio, in order to record and produce music for his various musical projects. Initially only intended as a side-project, KINGS WINTER has not only been active in the studio but also has been exploring possibilities to take their music to the stage after receiving requests from a lot of fans when -Forging The Cataclysm- was released. Therefore the duo will be assembling a live band once the pandemic and the surrounding situation allows for concerts to return and will take the songs of -Edge Of Existence- as well as favourites from their debut EP to the stage.

Kings Winter


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