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Besh o droM

Besh o droM draws its musical basis form Transylvanian, Jewish, Afghan, Egyptian, Libanese, Armenian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Greek tunes presenting folk and electronic instruments simultaneously. The different types of music from nations which nowadays do not necessarily communicate well with each other appear together in peace and harmony. Their music is playful and serious, funny and touching, acoustic and electronic, authentic and urban, Western and Eastern, folk and above nations at the same time. Besh o droM was formed in Budapest in August, 1999. The name in the lovari dialect means "ride the road" - just like horses.With thousands of miles behind them, they have had the same effect on the audience on national as well as international stages. Carefree, beaming happiness and the unstoppable stamping of the feet accompany them wherever they go, let it rain or shine, let it be an impenetrable crowd or just a few people, and besides this, or maybe exactly because of this, Besh o droM has had the biggest number of MagyArt (Hungarian Cultural Season) invitations (2001 France, 2002 Italy, 2004 The Netherlands). They performed in events of many different styles, in folk, rock, world music and jazz festivals all over the world, having had their greatest success at Montreal Jazz Festival 2004. The road so far cannot only be measured in miles and festivals. They have been the theme and characters of a diploma film, and the audience could also see them in a Miklós Jancsó film with the title "Last Dinner to the Arabs Grey". In the 2001/2002 theatre season the group composed the music for and played in Midsummer's Night Dream at the Szeged National theatre with great success. Their first album appeared in October 2000, with the title "Macho Embroidery" (Fono Records, FA082-2), which became a platinum album according to the official report of the Hungarian Record Publishing Association (Mahasz). Tracks from this album have been selected for various compilation CDs including FolkRoots' hit list CD (August 2001). Their second album, Can't Make Me! is published worldwide (Asphalt Tango Records) since January 2003, while it is released in Hungary as a writer's edition. (This album become golden record in Hungary in December 2003) Can't Make Me is a speaking title, referring to the fact that the guys "ride their road" firmly and do not require outside guidance neither from the ever-changing fashion, nor from puritans who wish to protect the authentic tunes. Their third album, GYI! is released in Hungary, December 2004, as a writer's edition, world wide release in spring 2005. GYI! means 'gee' in Hungarian language, this new album of 4 instrumental and 6 vocal pieces interprets the energy and spin of their live concerts. The guest performers Juhasz Miczura Monika (Mitzou) and Szalóli Ági bring the sound of traditional Gypsy and Hungarian singing, while the group mixes modern drum sounds and grooves with traditional rhythms from the Balkan, wild solos follow the authentic melodies. Platinium record in Hungary. Their last album Once I Catch The Devil is just out with more vocal pieces, more energy, more enthusiasm and more variety of hot-blooded rhythms. The album contains 8 vocal and 4 instrumental pieces, mixing Hungarian, Jewish, Gipsy, Serbian, Macedonian, Romanian, Greek and Bulgarian melodies and songs. The unique Besh o droM sound is stronger than ever!

Besh o droM
c/o Barcza Gergö

H  Budapest

+36 20 329 1601
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