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Stadthalle Speyer
Guru Guru mit Birth Control und Kraan
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German Rock Music´s first presence was felt in 1968; it was a movement that later became a worldwide influence on music. Acts such as Kraftwerk, Cluster, Faust, Amon Düül, Guru Guru, Can and Tangerine Dream, to name a few, tried what had not been done before: A new way of expression in music and lifestyle. They created a German underground scene that was not influenced by Anglo-American ideals. Other countries soon took an interest in this new music, the bands toured Europe and the U.S. in the early seventies and showed that they had enough self-confidence and potential to make it on an international level. Impressed by this, musicians like Eno and David Bowie claimed that they were fascinated by German bands like Kraftwerk and Cluster (who later recorded two albums with Eno). The will to experiment, produce sound collages, non-song structured music and noise must be seen nowadays as the birth of industrial-electronic music. Guru Guru was one of the most popular outfits in the seventies, as well as one of the most experimental ones! Mani Neumeier and his ever changing line-up of Guru Guru produced some of the most innovative albums in the German music history. Their first albums UFO, Hinten, Kaenguru and Guru Guru were as experimental as it gets and their music was often referred to as Acid-Space music, music that had no rules, which made it free and inspirational. They presently continue to produce albums that sound nothing like mainstream music, Guru Guru´s originality is still intact to this date. At this time Mani Neumeier is working on several side projects, such as Tiere der Nacht, Terra Amphibia, solo performance, and Gurumania with Juergen Engler of Die Krupps. Present Line-Up: Hans Reffert [git, voc] Peter Kühmstedt [bass, voc] Mani Neumeier [dr, voc, action] Roland Schaeffer [sax, git, nadaswaram, voc]
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