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The Nifters was formed in 99 by singer Mats Larsson and guitarist Johan Söderhielm. The early years was spent playing fast an chaotic punkrock. One full length album and three vinyl 7” later the name was changed to simply Nifters. That was the end of the punkrock days. During Easter 2003 the recording of MCD Cognitive Eclipse (released in november 2003 by Black Juju records) began. It was the beginning of a new sound, heavier, darker and more mature songs based on melodic guitar riffs, like the perfect mix between hardrock and pop. It was produced by Metal icon Jocke Göthberg (ex Marduk, ex Cardinal Sin, Dimension Zero) and resulted in a single on Swedish national radio. A video for the single “074-830622 Phonecall to god” was shot by Torsten Gatu and Olle Emilsson from Lone star productions and it really reflected Nifters dark and sombre sound. In January 2004 drummer Tommy Storback left the band and was replaced by the producer Jocke Göthberg. With him behind the drumkit, a brand new bassplayer, Jocke Samuelsson and a second Guitarist named Zwedda, Nifters were a complete fivepiece. The single Allein was recorded and this time with producer Peter PP Samuelsson. Allein was a great step forward for the band and resulted in fine reviews all over the world and also many support shows for bigger bands like Backyard Babies, Hardcore superstar, Mustasch and many more. The year 2006 Nifters will record a ful llength album to be released on any label that shows interest. A video for the single “If this one becomes a hit, I swear I am going to kill myself” is also planned.
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