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Wild at heart
Mother Misery
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Back somewhere In the middle of 1998 John Hermansen, Thomas Piehl, Jens Wide and Örjan Baudin got together after the break of the two bands Greyhate (Hermansen) and Clench (Piehl, Wide, Baudin). In the beginning the band went under the name Nosedive and during that time they participated on a couple of compilations such as The Mighty Desert Rock Avengers released by People Like U records (germany) and Unsigned For Now released by Mighty Music (Denmark) etc. In the beginning of 2003 ND started to record the songs that would eventually end up on the upcoming debut album.The recordings ended in late -03 and the mixing, mastering, pressing and printing was all done in February 2004. The band had now changed the name from Nosedive to Mother Misery and In the 12th of march there was a big releaseparty held at Svarta Maja In the MM hometown Enköping to celebrate the release of the debut album grandiosity. After the release and during 2004 the album and the band received a lot of positive response from fans and media such as radio, magazines, fanzines from all over Europe and USA and during that time there was a lot of touring In Sweden. In December -04 Jens Wide (drums) and Örjan Baudin (bass) left the band and got replaced by Jimmy Lindbergh (ex Evelyn Grace/drums) and Marcus Jäderholm (ex Greyhate/bass). In march -05 MM hit German ground and headlined a small tour In cooperation with Daredevil Records and Rock This Town (Germany), during -05 the band also appeared on a compilation called "Burn The Streets vol:4" released by Daredevil Records (Germany) together with names like: Entombed, El Caco, Nine, Alabama Thunderpussy etc. In Jan 2006 the band released a 5 track EP called "for the crows" with 5 new killer tracks, they toured germany in jan-feb together with Sweden rockers StoneWall Noise Orchestra. For The Crows was a great success and the band got tons of positive response from all media and fans. In November 2006 the recordings of the next full lengt album started, with help from Thomas Rustander as studiotech Mother Misery entered the "greyhate music studios". With 13 songs to choose from 11 of them ended up on the new cd, the cd named "all eyes on you" was mastered in March 27-28 by Dragan at "Bohus Sound Studios" in Gothenburg.
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