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The Durango Riot
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Thats a word you need to keep in mind in order to understand The Durango Riot. In fact, if you haven`t experienced boredom you might as well turn that music off right away cause it wont move you squad. Boredom is the reason to every chord, every line and every move that The Durango Riot makes. Sometimes the frustration ends up in 20 minutes of mindblowing furious noises, sometimes in a 4 minute assult as "No need for satisfaction". When I first witnessed the Riot, one cold winternight almost three years ago my whole world turned upside down. This band took away everything I believed in, they stealed it right in front off my eyes and drove over it with a sound and a power directly from down below! "This city is dammed for a boredom bang!" they told me, and I agreed. I soon realized that this fantastic and dangerous rock n roll collision that Jake, Fred, Eric and Tomy where making was a once in a lifetime experience that only happends when you let four underdogs on overdrive loose to tear down the universe with a boredom bang made for you and me. So, let the music play, we can dance all day.
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